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Mateo Shiruda

A real friend stabs you in the front.


Really, I mostly cross-post from Facebook to LJ, so please, add me on Fracking Facebook.

I'm a Portland boy, born and raised. I moved from Oregon in 2003, and I'm now living in Anchorage, Alaska. Home is where the heart is though, and I still love coming back to Portland quite often. If a miracle happens, and I can find a good job there, I'd like to move back someday. Someday.

I enjoy playing my guitar, singing and wishing humans were capable of Gene Roddenberry's dream. I am a tree hugger, a bunny lover, and I suffer from a bleeding heart, but I'm O.K. with that.

The interests listed are a fairly accurate representation of what I like. I love making new friends, so please feel free to add me.